Il Gabbiano Felice n 60


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  •  Il Gabbiano Felice

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More Features in FULL VERSION!

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  1. Ability to change settings for all flipbooks
  2. PDF LINKS, translate, analytics, custom share prefix, zoom settings, controls customization, etc.
  3. Popup lightboxes for button and custom types
  4. And more…


dFlip Settings

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3D or 2DChoose the mode of display. WebGL for realistic 3dGlobal SettingWebGL 3DCSS 3D/2DGlobal:WebGL 3DHard PagesChoose which pages to act as hard.(Only in CSS mode)Global SettingCover PagesAll PagesNoneGlobal:NoneBackground ColorBackground color in hexadecimal format eg:#FFF or #666666Global:#777Background ImageBackground image JPEG or PNG format: Select ImageGlobal: Flip DurationTime in milliseconds eg:1000for 1secondGlobal:800Container HeightHeight of the flipbook container when in normal mode.
500for 500px
autofor autofit height
100%for 100% height (of parent element, else it will be 320px).Global:autoPDF Page Render SizeChoose the size of image to be generated.Global Setting10241400160018002048Global:1600Auto Enable SoundSound will play from the start.Global SettingTrueFalseGlobal:TrueEnable DownloadEnable PDF downloadGlobal SettingTrueFalseGlobal:TruePage ModeChoose whether you want single mode or double page mode. Recommended AutoGlobal SettingAutoSingle PageDouble PageGlobal:AutoSingle Page ModeChoose how the single page will behave. If set to Auto, then in mobiles single page mode will be in Booklet mode.Global SettingAutoNormal ZoomBooklet ModeGlobal:AutoControls PositionChoose where you want to display the controls bar or not display at all.Global SettingBottomTopHiddenGlobal:BottomDirectionLeft to Right or Right to Left.Left to RightRight to LeftForce Page FitChoose if you want to force the pages to stretch and fit the page size.)TrueFalseEnable AutoPlayEnable AutoPlay in FlipbookGlobal SettingTrueFalseGlobal:FalseAutoplay DurationTime in milliseconds eg:1000for 1secondGlobal:5000Enable AutoPlay AutomaticallyEnable AutoPlay automatically when flipbook loadsGlobal SettingTrueFalseGlobal:FalsePage SizeChoose whether Layout is single page mode or double internal. Recommended Auto if PDF fileAutoSingle PageDouble Internal Page


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